The 100-Year-Old Agreement You Need to Know About to Understand What’s Driving the Islamic State

Glen Beck on ISIS


Most of us have heard of the new terrorist group called ISIS or ISIL (Syria vs. Levant depending on the message you’re trying to give the people you’re speaking to). To many Americans we just sit and wonder “Why do they Hate us so much?” Well there are reasons and Glen Beck just aired a show on 9/18/14 laying out their reasons AND the history behind it. If you want to REALLY know what’s going on and who’s to blame this episode is a must see.

Now some of you may not care. Some are just content to go about their day ignorant of the “Big Picture” and instead focus on your small fishbowl. That’s cool too, but please don’t rush to Facebook later and opine why YOU believe things are happening when some major event occurs. Because guess what…YOU don’t know. You DIDN’T take any time to learn why. And I personally DON’T want to hear your uneducated “facts” cloaked in opinion.

The older I get the less and less time I have for fools. Sometimes I think I’m turning into some old cantankerous old dude. But then my fiancé comes home, the news gets shut off, “real” life resumes and my old, fun-loving, jokey self returns. There IS something to be said about watching too much news. I’m a news Junky. I listen to it all day long, but man some days it’s just TOOOOO much. So I’ve learned to turn it off when it gets overwhelming and focus on something physical. Nothing gets your mind back to center than going out and chopping a cord of wood, or hitting the gym and “zoning out” to some Rage Against The Machine while on the treadmill.


Boost Your Workout


So here we are, back to ISIS. The longer this drones on the less and less it makes sense…UNTIL NOW. After hearing Beck’s history it makes sense now. Before it just seemed odd. First we had President Obama creating a “Red Line” in Syria over chemical weapons. Then Asad crosses that “Red Line”. America does nothing. But that was GOOD, I believe. I know that many people on the Conservative / Tea Party side of the isle called and emailed their Reps pleading for us to NOT go into Syria. Something in the past they would normally support. Why? WE knew history. WE knew the politicians were lying to us by claiming they “knew” who the good guys were and who the bad guys were. We called bullshit on them. When you lose the trust of the people, you lose it fast.

Times passes…

A few months out (or maybe a year depending on how deeply involved in the intelligence community you are/were) this group ISIS pops up. They start taking land. They start routing “armies”. They start killing civilians. They start chopping heads off of journalists. Etc, etc, etc. Then ISIS quietly becomes ISIL in some circles (mostly in governmental circles). People start to ask, “what’s the difference in those 2 names?” ISIS/ISIL takes more and more land. They erase the southern Syrian border with Iraq. Iraqi soldiers are routed, turn tail and run. Chaos!!


To Bomb or NOT to Bomb


Now a President who said ISIS was a “jv” team compared to Al Qaeda is sending in thousands of “advisors” (anyone remember Vietnam?), he’s airing nationally televised addresses to the American people over this issue alone. Talking Heads hit the airways telling us why we should care (never, of course, offering any specific threat assessments) Congress passes legislation to expand the President’s authority to handle this matter militarily. Allies don’t want to help with “boots on the ground”. They want our help, but don’t want to put any “skin” in the game. Government Officials hit the Sunday News shows telling us how “THERE WILL BE A BROAD COALITION…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…WE WON’T PUT BOOTS ON THE GROUND…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…OUR ALLIES IN THE REGION WILL HELP, IT’S THEIR ISSUE AFTER ALL…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…” And here we sit…as a people…looking around saying “what the hell is going on?” Not again. Not ANOTHER war.

So today rolls around. I listen to Glen Beck and I UNDERSTAND. I finally see what is happening. I can process it. NOW what to do about it? Allow the Islamic State, or not? Check out this article and then GO FIND THE VIDEO BROADCAST OF GLEN BECK’S 9/18/14 TV (The Blaze) SHOW. THEN make up your mind. And most importantly TAKE ACTION to voice that opinion to your leaders.

Love him or hate him Glen Beck gets you thinking…personally I love him.
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