Death’s Cure

Fight Off Death Himself. Find out How...


Death’s Cure? “What are you talking about Adam?” you ask. “How can you say such a crazy thing?” Well let me tell you avid and loyal reader of my blog. It is my FIRM belief, based on the studies I have read and how my body has PERSONALLY reacted, that Primary Antioxidants are the solution to a longer life. OK, ok longer I said, maybe not eternal. So maybe “Cure” is too strong a word. How about “Significantly Lengthen”? Is that better?




So what are “Antioxidants”? Well to understand what an Antioxidant is we first need to look at the Second part of the word, “oxidant”. Oxidant, meaning Oxygen. How does “Oxygen” behave in the body and WHY do we need an “Anti” version of it? Oxygen, as you know, is vital to life. As we breath in Oxygen and as Oxygen interacts with the cells of items in the world around us “Oxidation” occurs. This Oxidation produces a change in those cells. A slice of fruit turns brown, fresh meat becomes stinky and rancid, a cut on your skin reddens and becomes inflamed. All these are examples of “Oxidation”. It’s the result of exposure to Oxygen on the cells of those items.

In your body this death and subsequent birth of new cells is happening continuously 24/7. In general, the body handles the metabolism of oxygen quite efficiently. But roughly 1% – 2% of your cells will become damaged in the process of metabolizing the oxygen. THIS creates what are called “Free Radicals”. And it’s those pesky Free Radicals that we need to try to prevent.

Free Radicals create disease. You see Free Radicals are called “Free” because they are missing a crucial molecule. And these damaged cells do what every cell does, it tries to remain stable. So if a cell is missing critical elements it goes searching for them. Jeffrey Blumberg PhD, a researcher at Tufts University in Boston says: “These molecules will rob any molecule to quench that need.” He further states, “If free radicals simply killed a cell… (in it’s search for it’s needed element(s)),… it wouldn’t be so bad…the body could just regenerate another one. The problem is, free radicals often injure the cell, damaging the DNA, which creates the seed for disease.”




Now when a cell’s DNA is changed it becomes mutated and grows/reproduces abnormally…and quickly. Think of this as a car’s exhaust. Better yet, a car’s exhaust IN AN ENCLOSED GARAGE. The fumes are a byproduct of running the engine. In the garage they build up quickly and to deadly levels. Free Radicals are a byproduct of normal cell function just like the exhaust to engine analogy above.

Ok, so why is this a problem you ask? Our body IS that ENCLOSED GARAGE!! It’s a problem because we no longer live in Eden where the air was fresh, the water was pure, the food was free of harmful chemicals, and no one put “crap” like smoke, or drugs, or alcohol, or fast food into their bodies. In a pristine world our bodies would get the antioxidants they needed to fight off the small amount of free radical damage being created. But in today’s world we are BOMBARDED with Free Radical causing agents. And today’s poor food supply is not enough to keep up with the antioxidant demand. So the Free Radicals build up, AND build up, AND BUILD up, AND BUILD UP until…BAMMMM!!! Cancer, or Heart Disease, or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or etc, etc, etc forms. Disease. Disease is created.


Antioxidants are nutrients (vitamins and minerals) as well as enzymes (proteins in your body) that assist in chemical reactions to prevent or lessen Free Radicals. Antioxidants are the “Cops” and Free Radicals are the “Robbers”.

Now that the groundwork for the discussion has been laid I will delve into the Antioxidants themselves. The types, the complications with getting them into your system, and how you can attain ETERNAL LIFE!!!! (Well, OK, I guess we established it above…a LONGER LIFE!!! Forgive my enthusiasm please. I just LOVE this stuff.)

All this will be discussed in my Next Post. Sorry folks you’ll just have to wait for the cliffhanger. Don’t worry though it won’t be long…

Next Issue…Death’s Cure, Part II (or Secondary Antioxidants vs. Primary Antioxidants. The Eternal Battle Between Good vs. Better)

Adam is a Supplement Expert with over 15 years of experience in using and mentoring others on the benefits of Natural Supplementation, Online Marketing Coaching, and General Common Sense. He and his wife Becky are highly devoted to spreading the word on Natural Supplementation and how it can benefit Everyone. You can find him at a little place called where knowledge flows, videos spin, and laughter floats on the digital winds.

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