Video Of The Day

This is my first installment of my “Video Of The Day” posts. If it makes me chuckle, spit milk out my nose, gasp, become outraged, or makes me think more deeply it’s a winner and will be posted.  Get ready you’ll never know what’s coming next!!  Subscribe to my feed and you’ll never miss a thing. With no further ado…

There’s nothing like a good prank except a good prank on video going viral!!



At what point would YOU think to turn around and see what the heck’s going on?




Adam is a Supplement Expert with over 15 years of experience in using and mentoring others on the benefits of Natural Supplementation, Online Marketing Coaching, and General Common Sense. He and his wife Becky are highly devoted to spreading the word on Natural Supplementation and how it can benefit Everyone. You can find him at a little place called where knowledge flows, videos spin, and laughter floats on the digital winds.


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