Better Than Organic. What Is It?

Organic. What does that mean? Everyone nowadays talks about it. Everyone wants it. But what does that actually mean? Well not very much it turns out. Organic simply means that the grower, farmer, or backyard gardener didn’t use any herbicides or pesticides. “That’s IT??”, you ask. Yup. That’s it. It doesn’t mean that there was no ground water contamination, or rain water contamination, or soil contamination, or even handling contamination. It simply means that no one sprayed any, and insert your media buzzword here, on the food AT the farm. So think about that for a minute. Think about ALL the processes that occur AFTER the growing and harvesting phase of your “organic” food. Scary isn’t it? Did you get that same chill up your spine I did?


Most of us don’t even think about all the various “creepy crawlies” that could be contaminating our food in this highly processed and “Big Farm” business world. Most don’t WANT to think on it for fear of never wanting to eat ever again. So we instead read the label, see it says “organic”, buy it, eat it, and move on about our merry day. That’s all well and good for our food supply. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate ALL the contaminants from them. But you DON’T have to suffer this with your natural Supplements or Vitamins. The ability of that industry to screen out their tainted ingredients is much easier than in the food industry. And it’s why some companies choose to utilize “Better Than Organic” standards for their products. Symmetry Direct is one such company.

Symmetry utilizes this “Better Than Organic” strategy in ALL their ingredients. Even the water they use. How many of you now consume bottled water exclusively? Almost all of us, right? Cities have pumped SOOOO much crap into our water supply that it has become mostly undrinkable. Add to that all the old, rusty piping our water runs through just to get to us. So if your buddy handed you a bottle of water and said “Don’t worry I ran this through a Water Softener, then did a 5 part filtration process on it, then ran it through Reverse Osmosis, then ran it under a UV Light, and finally Flash Pasteurized it.” You’d say man you’re crazy! That’s A LOT of work for just water!! Yes it is, but it’s EXACTLY how Symmetry handles just the water it uses to formulate it’s products. And what it does to scan all the ingredients they include in their products is JUST as good. If any ingredient tests come back with a positive screen testing for contaminants like pesticides, or heavy metals IT’S REJECTED and sent back. It’s truly how you create “Better Than Organic” supplement products and it’s what separates Symmetry from the others.

I’ve personally been taking High Quality, Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements for over 15 years. Trust me there is a difference between that type of product and the run of the mill, Wal-Mart brand. Yeah Wal-Mart’s are cheap, but their quality is terrible. And with Supplements you need the highest quality ingredients you can get to actually do the work properly. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money and who wants to do that in this economy? Not I my friends. Not I.

Here is a video of Dr. Mark Crapo talking about “Better Than Organic” and what it means. He creates Symmetry’s products and is Passionate about quality. Always remember Quality Ingredients Equal Quality Supplements. Don’t settle for anything less. I don’t.



Enjoy, and never forget Get Fit & GO Slim!!
Adam is a Supplement Expert with over 15 years of experience in using and mentoring others on the benefits of Natural Supplementation, Online Marketing Coaching, and General Common Sense. He and his wife Becky are highly devoted to spreading the word on Natural Supplementation and how it can benefit Everyone. You can find him at a little place called where knowledge flows, videos spin, and laughter floats on the digital winds.

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